Wall Street Training (WST) is the world's leading provider of live and online financial training, serving a wide variety of investment banks, private equity firms, hedge funds, commercial banks, universities, regulatory agencies, credentialing institutes and more.

WST was founded with the goal of standardizing best practices in financial modeling. Professionals constantly need to rehone their skills and students exit the academic world without practical skills, leaving a void during an era when finance needs some of the world's brightest minds. Our mission is to help financial institutions and professionals fill that gap.

The key to WST's success lies in our active presence in financial services. By keeping sharp, we always understand what the market is currently looking for, allowing us to constantly adapt training to financial & regulatory dynamics and offer relevant, useful career development advice to job hunters.

Read more about our methodology and meet our team of instructors, or dive right in with a free trial of our online courses.

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Dear Friends,

Wall Street Training was founded to bridge the gap between academic theory and on-the-job training. Our clients tell us we are extremely effective – here's how we accomplish this:

Truly Interactive: Give a fish vs. Teach how to fish

Many financial modeling courses claim to be "interactive" in that attendees build their models in Excel along with the instructor. But in reality, they still employ a boring lecture-based style as the trainer reads out formulas. You've only proven that you can follow along, not that you've actually learned how to model.

They are giving a fish while we teach how to fish. We prod and encourage participants to uncover answers on their own by asking the right leading questions. In turn, trainees understand and crystallize concepts on a deeper level, as they figure out the answers independently, rather than just recite what they heard.

Wall Street Training won't accept "average"

Other vendors might be able to train you to a baseline of 70% knowledge. Their training is "just OK" - not memorable. Participants still need tons of on-the-job training to transcend that baseline. While there is no substitute for deal experience to get to 100%, we will get you to 90% - 95% from the start. How? By focusing on teaching how to think independently combined with critical thinking and analytical skills.

Quality of trainers = Quality of training

Our instructors are experienced practitioners that still execute deals. We are not middle-school basketball coaches or second year analyst dropouts. Nor is our most experienced trainer a 9-year operations guy! We're not staffed with second year analysts teaching basic models and spreading comps. Finally, WST is centralized, not franchises with uncoordinated, disparate locations. We deliver consistent quality with standardized training.


To top it off, our Training+ offering makes us even more effective. Training+ enables us to design our programs to extend beyond your typical financial modeling and Excel class. Click here to learn more.

Hamilton Lin
Hamilton Lin, CFA
Founder and CEO